Saturday, May 14, 2011

Guy Corriero - Watercolors and Oils

Guy Corriero was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

He was educated at the Long Beach High School, the School of Visual Arts, and at C. W. Post College.

Guy went on to acquire an M.A. in Humanities from Hofstra University, and secured his entry into the art world after a two year stint in the U.S. Marine Corps as a illustrator.

From there, he entered his next phase as a commercial artist in New York City.

Guy taught at the State University in Farmingdale, New York and then later, as a Professor of Fine Arts, at Herkimer County Community College, where he was awarded The New York State Chancellor's Award for "Excellence in Teaching."

Painting now, full time, in Portland Maine, he covers subjects from portraits to landscapes, but has a true love of painting the sea.

2010 marked the end of forty straight years of teaching workshops on Monhegan Island, Maine, where he taught and encouraged scores of students.

A tribute to his ease of teaching and his commitment to individual processes, students would return year after year, some attending classes with him over 15 or more years.

He continues to conduct three day sessions in Kennebunkport every spring and fall.

His work may be seen at The Wiscasset Bay Gallery, Wiscasset, Maine, in the Dowling Walsh Gallery, Rockland, Maine, at the Camden Falls Gallery, Camden, Maine, and in his private studio in Portland.

Guy is a signature member of both The American Watercolor Society and the New York State Watercolor Society.

I also encourage you to visit his website, noted here in the "Artist's Contact" panel on the right side of this blog.

There, you can view more of his work and read descriptions of the paintings shared here and more!

For more information about his work, contact the artist directly via his website or leave a comment below.
And be sure to also check out Guy's blog,

Friday, March 4, 2011

Edward Lambert - Artist

Edward Lambert is no longer with us, but a number of his paintings remain both in private collections and in on-line galleries. 

Giclee prints of selected works are for sale.
A Hudson Valley based artist, Ed did not sell his paintings and stopped showing his work long ago. 
An independent thinker, he painted for himself and cared little or nothing about what anyone thought of his work. Friends and family members were often stunned when he handed them an original they so admired.
Ed wrote the following about himself in 1994, when he and his wife, Carol, were living aboard their sailboat, The Georgia O’Keeffe.  He was trying to establish a mural painting business and wrote this short biography. 
“I do only hand painting (no airbrush) and could complete a quality mural about 100 sq. ft. in 200 hours.  Any subject; from African plains and Roman gardens, to shuttle blast offs can be painted on most surfaces. I can work closely with the designer or your client to enhance the mood they are trying to create.
Problem areas can be brightened and small areas can be given infinite space. I can paint any subject, in the style of any artist, and will do museum quality work when budgets allow.
Also, please consider me for commissioned oil paintings, sculpture, small fountains or dioramas.  Scaffolding (if required), and materials on large projects, site access hours, or major surface preparation can effect costs, but I will give you an exact quote in most cases.
Enclosed please find a news photo of my recently completed mural for the downtown merchants Civic Association. This was a rush job; done without benefit of research and sketching, and was painted on roofing plywood in about 80 hours (96 sq. ft.) to meet a deadline.
Edward D. Lambert"
As you can see, by virtue of the pictures shown in this blog, Edward was a capable realist who preferred surrealism.  
His paintings are colorful, evocative, and have a story to tell.
You may see other works or buy a giclee print by visiting where upon visiting the artist's gallery you'll see a number of his works.  
Click on any image here to see a larger version.
Also, check out his work or buy a print at

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your Thoughts, Please!

One way to support artists is to let them know that you're looking at their art and providing commentary.

Not everyone can afford to buy art that they see, even if they want it, but those who create do like to hear that it's enjoyed.

I'm in the process of putting together another post and will soon introduce you to another talented artist.

In the meantime, several things.

Please feel free to comment on anything you see.  You can do that simply by clicking on the word 'comments' at the bottom of each posting.  You'll be given directions that will assist you in leaving your thoughts.

Another way to support these people is to sign up as a follower.  That way, you'll be sure to see new posts as they come along and see artwork before others.

Also, visiting the individual artist's websites is important, too.  You can send notes to the artists, ask about their processes and see what they're working on next.  Artists of all sorts love to talk about what they're doing.

You'll see links on the right side of the blog.  There's "Artists Items For Sale," where we highlight artworks that you can have for you very own.

I'm happy to be your intermediary for any purchases or you can contact the artist directly. 

Under "Artist's Contact," the box just below the sales area, you can gain access to our artist's websites. 

Within the individual websites is information about other work and, in some instances, information about the artist themselves.

We're pleased that you're looking at our sites...please let us know that you're here by commenting or writing to us!

Thank you!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

John Stacey - Screen Printing and Letterpress

John Stacey is a print maker, based in Binghamton, New York.

He works using serigraphy and letterpress printing to explore designs found in nature.

The majority of his works start with his own photos.

Favorite subjects are plants, flowers, leaves, and insects... especially bees, butterflies and caterpillars.

John decided to do a line of greeting cards, as his photographs received rave reviews,  and since he runs the presses himself, uses commercial printing materials for his media.

He likes his printings to have a tactile feel to them so most all of them are embossed. In addition, some have foil stamped transparent tints and pearescent colors to add accents to the designs.

His serigraphs are done from photos, reducing detailed images to simple elements that represent the feel of the image. They are composed in layers usually staring with the background and adding elements one on top of the other. They are printed on heavy 80 to 110 pound 100% Cranes Cotton Lettra.

Here's John in action producing the "Koi" print you see above to the right. Just click on the arrow at the bottom left of the frame:

What's next for John?

After a second year of photographing thousands of snow crystals, the individual snowflake portraits now will be reviewed for a possible book.  John has been developing a technique for photographing snowflakes that he uses for prints and in printmaking projects.

John's formal education, from RIT, is in graphic arts, photography and commercial printing.

He owns and operates Creative Impressions Screen Printing company and has a blog to support all of his processes.  You can visit his website by clicking on John Stacey - Screen Printing and Letterpress, in the "Artist's Contact" column on the right, and then click on the URL below to check out his blog:

John collects antique printing equipment that he uses for printmaking projects and annually opens his shop to Binghamton University Graphic art students.

John says, "Students today have no exposure to how the printing process was accomplished before the advent of computers and photography.  They are usually impressed with the quality of work done by these workhorses and some even venture off to find similar equipment to use in their projects."

Over the past several year's John has been developing a unique technique for photographing snow flakes that he uses for prints and in printmaking projects.  He prints on various types of backgrounds, including cloth, paper and board.

As you can see, many of his themes relate to his love of nature and has expressed it in representations of landscape and portrait, and from great heights while pursuing a passion of hot air ballooning.

John would be happy to discuss any projects you may have, relating to printing, and is available for commission work.  Please contact him via his website or through this blog!

He is a unique artist who can provide messages for your personal and business needs, via artwork and words.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Linda Cunningham - White Moon Designs

Linda Cunningham is a professional artist, specializing in both Fine Arts, and Arts and Crafts.

Over the years, Linda has owned and operated two successful store fronts, Mouse House in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Annabelle's Gift Baskets in Cooperstown, New York.

Linda studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of South Alabama, majoring in Fine Arts.

She is also a self-taught Arts and Crafts artisan in the folk art arena, learning tole painting, wood working and more!

Along with studying art, she provided art instruction to individuals and in class settings...studies included painting, stained glass, porcelain dolls, sewing, and other hand arts.

Currently, she is creating Venetian and Feather Masks, a craft that came from her experiences having worked with a Krewe in Mobile, Alabama, as they prepared for Mardi Gras.

For those of you who aren't "in the know," Krewe is defined as a group that prepares events for Mardi Gras...check out wikipedia, below, for further information:

The mask pictured up top is a recent production and is one of many for sale for your upcoming events...such as for Mardi Gras, Wiccan festivals, and/or for costume parties!!! 

The mask pictured on the left shows how she can create a classic work, full of interest and detail, in one color!

Linda's masks were offered for sale in The French Quarter, New Orleans, for past Mardi Gras events, when she lived in that part of the country.

Along with this unique creations, Linda also produces individualized totes.  The totes are made of quilting materials, hand cut, hand stitched, embroidered, and may be personalized. 

Should you be interested in seeing the selections of totes on hand, as they are not currently displayed on her website, please contact posted under "Artist's Contact" on the right column of this blog...and she'll be happy to email you photos of her current works.

She is also willing to customize a tote for you...while they are one size, 17 inches square with an ample 19 inch handle,  with room enough for books, binders and your laptop, prices vary based on design and personalization requests, but all are very affordable.

Linda resides in Western Massachusetts and is happy to ship to any destination in the United States. 

Check out her website for more information about her masks and contact her via that website for more about her totes:

All of her creations are one-of-a-kind and something that you'll have and enjoy for many years...they also make great gifts for those hard-to-buy-for giftees!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Wendy Starling - Mixed Messages

I'm happy to introduce you to Wendy Starling, and given her recent efforts it appears I'm just in time for Valentine's Day!

Wendy defines her art as Collage and Poetry Fusion.

She mixes poetry and prose with abstract art to create a collage of thoughts!!  Ergo her byline 'Mixed Messages."

I've known Wendy for many years and she has always been an inspirational poet.  
To give a deeper and visual meaning to her words, she added pieces of material life around her to express emotion.
Wendy produces works of art for framing and also offers cards that the sender can embellish by adding their thoughts and wishes to and send off to their chosen recipients.  The artwork is the front of the card, the inside remains blank for your artistic additions!

Along with infusing her poetry into her work, Wendy will take your poetry or prose and design a personal message for you to do with as you choose.  Mail them to loved ones, frame them for display, or tuck them away in your secret little treasure box to view on those days when you need your memories to pick you up!

Wendy loves and uses old postcards, postage, tags, and bits of ephemera she finds during her travels, such as fortunes from Chinese fortune cookies!  Check out some of her current cards for sale, posted in this blog.  Click on any image to see it larger!

Here's how Wendy views her work:  "I feel like my work has many different styles and themes woven through it but the common thread is texture. Laying down paint and paper and getting my hands dirty with all the mediums I use is therapeutic for me. I love the feel of a piece coming together layer after layer. My hope in adding my poetry and prose is to touch someone on a level that is not just visual. A great turn of phrase can be just as artistic as a beautiful painting; it just strikes a different chord.  My work is very much my passion and it is certainly a labor of love. When I’m not working on something, (and usually there are several pieces going at a time!) I’m continually on the hunt for unusual and interesting items for my next piece. I’m always looking at objects with an artist’s eye." 

Wendy finds inspiration in the sensual and romantic; this is reflected in her poetry and also in the textural aspects of her work. Wanting to reach out and touch one of her pieces might be a natural reaction.

Her love of old postcards and tags takes one back to a time when we thought differently about writing.  She says, "Whenever I see a message on the back of an old postcard written in longhand cursive, I instantly remember the anticipation of waiting for the mail delivery. And once it finally arrived, that feeling of knowing that the sender thought about me, no matter how far away they were. They took the time to pick out the perfect card, write me a personal note, and confidently sent it out into the world to reach only me. Our world is filled with instant messages, email, cell phones and all the technology for communication to take place immediately – postcards, tags, and postage all harks back to waiting in anticipation and hope to hear from your lover, your friend, your family. There is no substitute for seeing their unique handwriting, being able to run your hands over it, to put in your pocket and take it out time and time again to read it. It’s tangible…much less fleeting than anything electronic…"

Wendy works out of her home studio in Oceanside, California.  She uses acrylic paints, collage, ink transfer, metal, wood, tile, paper, and found objects...once she found a dinner fork on the road that had been driven over thousands of times – it was flattened and textured beyond belief! She had to stop and pick it up…finding a ‘fork in the road’ – it had to end up in one of her pieces.

Always on the hunt for materials, she haunts antique shops, hardware stores, backyards, and attics.

Using other people’s words and inspirations, Wendy is also able to do very unique and personal commissions. Whether it is personal pictures or poetry she can incorporate them with her style into a one of a kind work. She also has a line of Mixed Messages Art Cards and Greeting Cards that use images of her works or original poetry. All cards are hand assembled, collage style, and embellished with gold and copper leaf.

Now that you know Wendy is available to translate your words and objects into art, either for framing or as gift cards, you have to reach out to her.

In the meantime, she has a line of cards all set for Valentine's Day and shipping is available.

The $8.00 cost per card, plus shipping and handling, is a bargain given the fact that you're giving your giftee a personal message and a piece of art that can be framed and displayed for years...the message never wanes!

Contact me via this blog or click on Wendy's link in the "Artist's Contact" column on the right.

She is truly a one-of-a-kind artist...and she has an array of artwork that's not limited to cards or to the upcoming holiday...check her out at

Whatever you purchase, and she does offer individual pieces, individual cards or sets of cards, you'll have a unique and personal piece of art!

We'll get  purchase out to you quickly so that you can "show and tell" your loved one how much you think of them!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eric Hameister - Hameister Photo

Eric grew up in New York, spending much of his childhood riding motorcycles.

In 1979, after he got his first dirt bike and started racing, he found himself taking pictures in between races...his passion for photography was born!

After pursuing a college education in photographic technology, Eric moved to California.  There, he found himself starting as 1st Assistant to David LeBon, one of the most successful automotive photographers in the country, and then two more years with LeBon as an Associate Photographer, taking on major auto photo stints for the LeBon company.

In 1996, Eric went solo and has supported his family and himself shooting auto, motorcycle, portrait, and fashion...essentially a self-taught design artist specializing in advertising and editorial photography.
Eric has worked in the automotive realm with Mercedes Benz, Honda, and Acura, in the motorcycle and dirt bike worlds of Honda motorcycle, Yamaha, West Coast Choppers, and extensively with Icon Motosports in action and product productions.

His photographic reach extends to portrait and fashion, having photographed such celebreries as Kid Rock, Jesse James, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Seacrest, Terry Bradshaw, Tyson Beckford, and more!

A unique talent and a different eye, Eric says,"I pride myself on having disciplines for shooting in the studio as well as on location. Fifteen-plus years on large-scale productions in the automotive / motorcycle industry has allowed me to gain an invaluable education and understanding of the effects of lighting on my subjects. My vision is to reject all the rules and assumptions of the past."

His favorite quote that he applies to studio and on-site shoots when he wants that "one perfect shot," prior to setting off and using tried and true techniques, is from Albert Einstein.  “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the theory.”

A highlight of his career to date was his work on a coffee table book, "I Am Jesse James," that entered #9 on the New York Times best seller list.

He also received a California Film Commission award for work done with Icon Motosports”

Eric's client list includes:

Icon Motosports
Yamaha Motorcycle
Honda Automotive
Honda Motorcycle
Yokohama Tires
Fox Sports
O.R.E. Originals
Kaenon Sunglasses
Mercedes Benz
Home Depot
Universal Gaming
Canadian Club
Brewery Ommegang

Mens Health
Penguin Publishing
Discovery Show
Mac Tools
Popular Mechanics
Chapter 11
Sandra Bullock
Tyson Beckford
Jesse James
Kid Rock
Terry Bradshaw
Kevin Windham
Davi Milsaps
Brian Deegan
Bob Kiniry
Jason Britton
Nick Brocha
Earnie Vigil
Ryan Seacrest

If you are searching for someone to give your images a different look, the edge that defines your product, then you'll want to talk to Eric...check out his website by clicking on the link for Eric Hameister - Hameister Photo in the "Artist's Contact'" column on the right side of this blog!